My dearest reader,

The journey begins right here, at this moment. For many years, I was reluctant to post what I felt because I was ashamed of unveiling my true self.

There was a point in time where somewhere along the way, I lost my identity trying to blend in with the crowd in order to feel accepted by all.

I desperately wanted people to like me and tried extra hard to be what others admired. Most of my life was spent like a chameleon, changing colors every time the environment shifted. It was the best way to cope in a world filled with different, and often critical opinions. Along the way, I lost many exceptional friends and ultimately, myself. My mind.


Truth be told, I grew resentful of who I morphed into and realized I was nothing but a basic woman who was easily forgettable without a personality or any redeeming qualities. I became the jack of all trades. Master of none. People loved me but nobody knew who I was. I came to the realization that I was only known as a sweet person.

To be honest, being sweet gets you nowhere.

It only gets you by.

“Ahhh, c’est la vie,” the French would say.

Except I have learned that French people fight to live for their convictions hence the French Revolution.

Therefore, it is only fair that I live the rest this waking life fighting for my truth and expressing it in the best possible way, through this online blog.

Whether you agree with what I post on here or not, my only hope is that these random musings touches your heart in ways that reality cannot.

This is my way of saying that you are allowed to make mistakes, forgive yourself and most importantly, live your life as beautifully and unashamedly as you possibly can.

Time to start.

With love,